Assessments/Audits - Is your organization ready for a donor centered culture?  What do you have and what do you need? Anderson Consults will complete a thorough analysis of all the necessary fundraising elements to drive your success. Become aware of your organizational strengths and weaknesses for meeting your donor’s needs.

  Development Department Plans - We will help you create plans that are measurable, effective and never sit on the shelf. Understand the steps and metrics for defining fundraising success that help you achieve your goals.

Operations/Business Plans and Performance Management Processes - The rubber hits the road on team integration. Do more with less and improve execution around top organizational priorities. Hold teams accountable and keep up with changes as they arise.

Strategic Plans - Align program priorities with organizational identity, competitive edge, and distribution. Understand how your mission gets carried out using your core organizational strengths. Capitalize on these strengths to increase your leadership position in the sector.

Feasibility Studies - Are the dollars and donors ready to support your Campaign? Organization? We help you understand what your donors think about your goals before you invest your hard earned money, time and reputation in plans that need market testing. Also, you will be able to further connect with donors where they “get” you or educate them on what they don’t understand about your work.

Fundraising Technical Assistance - Policies, Procedures, Techniques, Development Staff Profiles and Screenings. We know you are ready to move fast because you need money. Your ability to sustain these dollars you’ve invested in raising requires a back office that provides premier donor services. Stay in touch with donor interests while educating them about organizational needs. Let us help you understand what you need, based on your organizational fundraising maturity.

Fundraising Operations Technical Assistance - Systems assessments and implementation. Are you tired of spending money on technology you never use? Let us help you determine what you need and what you do not need. What are the rules for use and how does it help you achieve your goals and objectives?

Donor Culture Technical Assistance - Board Training, Executive Director Coaching/Training. Is your Board in transition or in need of transition? We can redefine roles that move you to the next level of your organization’s maturity and get the Board’s support. Having a credible messenger to deliver the right message is key. We can help you and the Board work as a team to help the organization. We also offer other Coaching for Executives and Senior Staff (see our Coaching Products)

Donor Focus Group - Learn what barriers to your success and perceived strengths exist in the eyes of your supporters. Bring them closer to you, by educating, but more importantly, spend quality time listening. Do you really know what donors think about your work? Discover what current and prospective contributors think about your mission, the delivery of that mission, new offering and strategies. This is best facilitated by a objective, disinterested party in order to hear feedback that might shape your approach, and at the very least, the communication of that approach.


* Pricing dependent on time spent and number of participants.




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