Evidence, A Dance Company

"Chandra has extraordinary skills as a strategist and fundraiser. She has contributed to the success of organizations like Evidence and the Apollo Theater. Her ability to help small organizations understand how to build a stronger donor culture is key to organizational growth and sustainability."

Reggie Van Lee, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
Board Chair, Evidence Dance Company



New Clients


Magic Johnson Foundation

"Anderson Consults brings great intellect, experience and passion to their work. I have appreciated their ability to serve as an honest mirror for our work as they challenge and guide us to be even more systematic and effective. They have been invaluable during a critical planning and change phase."

Towalame Austin, President
Magic Johnson Foundation, Inc.



NYC Department for the Aging

"Chandra Anderson is one to the best strategic fundraisers I know. When I was the SVP of Agency Services for United Way of New York City I felt comfortable that integration across the Development and Program departments was finally achieved giving us greater impact and the financial support we needed to provide critical services in the community."

Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, Commissioner
NYC Department for the Aging


The CityKids Foundation

"Anderson Consults has worked with CityKids to do more than just give advice or train a staffer. With her exceptional experience and insight to understand organizational culture and match the organization's vision to the necessities to achieve that vision, Anderson was able to bring focus and structure to our fundraising efforts. Anderson has helped CityKids develop the best case for major gifts and partner with the Board to build a fundraising team of "askers" and ambassadors of the organization."

Kirsten Connor, Executive Director
The CityKids Foundation


Twenty-First Century Foundation

"I can't thank you enough for the breadth of knowledge and experience in development combined with a genuine passion for helping nonprofits reach their mission. There are very few development professionals who bring the organizational management, development know how and roll up your sleeves pragmatism leadership to the task of building a more just and equitable society. There's tough love and wisdom in Chandra's approach. We are stronger, more knowledgeable and more strategic because of Anderson Consults work with us."

Erica Hunt, President
Twenty-First Century Foundation





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