Welcome to Anderson Consults.

What if, as a non-profit organization, you had the back office resources, strategic and operational plans, access to funders and tactical support to fund and carry out your mission?

With Anderson Consults you can have all this and much more.We counsel you and your board, and coach your fundraising staff, while leveraging your strengths in order to maximize your fundraising potential. 

We help you retain the donors you’ve worked so hard to get in the door through strategic focus and operational excellence while maintaining efficiency.

Anderson Consults
helps you create an environment where raising and retaining major donations is achievable. We are ready to counsel, coach and provide technical assistance at critical times in your organization's history when you are ready to take the next step--whether it be start-up, growth, or expansion.

Our ultimate goal is to help you secure resources in order to help struggling communities.

We do this by supporting staff and key volunteers who make valuable contributions to these organizations and the world in which we live.

The Development Doctor is always in. Let us
diagnose your fundraising operations and help you achieve optimum health so that you create the kind of donor culture that secures and retains major donations from individuals, corporations and foundations year after year.



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